Quality Guarantee

Gough Transport Solutions continues to grow by building on our reputation for quality, innovation, reliability and advice.

The quality of our systems and components is critical to both our customers and our customer’s customers.  Because of this, we place an emphasis on supplying only quality components and systems and apply strict testing and quality control protocols.

Technology & Life Cycle Performance

Gough Transport Solutions understands that in real world situations, real value for money comes from how a system performs. 

In design, development and sourcing we look at quality, technology, innovation, performance and the overall value of a system or component.

Our goal is to ensure:

  • The quality of the product means that it will stand up to the rigors of use
  • All our systems and components meet the expectations of our customers and our customer’s customers
  • Advances in technology and product innovations have a real world performance advantage and represent value for money
  • The performance of a system or component over a full service life-cycle
  • Positive impacts on operational factors such as operational efficiency, fuel consumption, servicing costs, OH&S and workflow


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